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Mercator Medical with a new logo and changes to the offer

Mercator Medical Group, manufacturer of disposable gloves and distributor of disposable medical materials based in Krak…

Mercator Medical Group, manufacturer of disposable gloves and distributor of disposable medical materials based in Krakow, finalises the rebranding process, which consists in changing the logo while maintaining current corporate name. Following the change in visual identification, the company is going to expand its offer in non-medical segments and on the consumer market.

Systematic foreign expansion, development of the product portfolio as well as record-breaking financial results in the first three quarters of 2020, related to a very favourable market situation, prompted us to change our business model and take advantage of this special moment in which our organisation is at present, says Wacław Widomski, Marketing Director at Mercator Medical S.A. Our corporate name will not change, but our visual identity will be fundamentally altered: the word “Medical” will be removed from our logo. We are cutting it off with a clean, surgical incision, leaving only the core, “Mercator”, he explains. In the new logo, the first two letters of the name, forming the word “me”, are surrounded by ribbons, which are to symbolise hands in a protective, caring gesture. It was this caring gesture that became the starting point for creating the logo which contains a number of the most important brand messages in its minimalist form. Mercator wishes not only to provide tender care to the users of its products, but also to help them give the same those under their care.

Mercator Medical has been present on the medical market for nearly 30 years and its products, synonymous with safety and high quality, are widely used in hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices and institutions of various specialisations. The brand, endowed with such trust and credentials, wants to go beyond the medical area with its product range and reach specialists from other industries, including beauty (hairdressing, cosmetics. manicure, etc.) as well as veterinary practices or hospitality industry.

We would like to provide wide access to our products, which so far have served primarily top-class medical specialists, so that everyone can effectively take care of
safety of themselves and their clients, and to provide them with the highest quality of service. Importantly, when developing the formulas of our products, we place great emphasis on the comfort of their user, and that is why we want them to be like a second skin and not restrict users' movements. We are sure that thanks to them non-medical experts will be able to perform their daily tasks comfortably and without any restrictions
, adds Wacław Widomski.

At the same time the Group is working on developing a line of gloves intended for household use, which would be widely available in popular retail chains. These products will protect against dirt, facilitating house cleaning, vegetable and fruit handling, gardening or DIY projects but – even more importantly – protect against infections, thus increasing the safety of the users and their loved ones.

Regardless of the sector and product category, the Mercator brand will continue to be synonymous with the highest quality as well as caring for innovative and technologically advanced solutions. It will be an umbrella brand, which means that all products in the portfolio will be sold only with the Mercator name on them. This change also involves the Group’s new approach to selling. Its products are to be more easily available, which is why the company intends to conduct extensive activities in the area of ​​e-commerce.

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